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The Bar Association of Erie County's Lawyers for Learning Committee introduced an educational program in 1999 through which members of the legal community volunteer as tutors at a local inner-city school. The program is intended to assist students in improving their academic performance and building self-confidence. Approximately 100 members of the Erie County legal community, including judges, lawyers, court staff, paralegal and legal secretaries participate in this worthy endeavor on an annual basis. Each volunteer is assigned one or two children and commits one hour per week to tutoring, principally in areas of reading, writing and mathematics. School administrators have reported marked improvements in academic performance and attendance. Lawyers for Learning was the recipient of the Buffalo Alliance for Education 2000 Gold Commitment to Education Award. Lawyers for Learning incorporated in 2003, but the program continues to operate with significant volunteer support of Bar members. View their website at  www.lawyersforlearning.org and become involved!