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The Erie County Bar Foundation exists for the primary purpose of providing assistance to attorneys in need. Formed in 1957 by a small group of concerned lawyers who wanted to help a colleague who had fallen on hard times, the Foundaiton is the only organization of its kind in the United States.

Dedicated exclusively to helping lawyers in times of personal and professional crisis, the Foundation assists attorneys with medical expenses, job losses, emotional difficulties, family crises and other difficulties. No person or problem is categorically excluded. All services provided are individualized and completely confidential.

In addition to its attorney assistance services, the Foundation's chartered purpose also includes sponsoring programs and activities designed to facilitate public understanding of the law and promote lawyer professionalism.

Completely dependent upon voluntary contributions to provide essential services to Erie County lawyers and carry out its educational mission, the Foundation conducts an annual fundraising campaign each November. Donations are accepted year-round to recognize and honor members of the profession. Names of honorees and donors are published each month in the Bulletin. To contribute to "the company of friends" you may download the donor form below.

Foundation Donor Slip pdf
Foundation Application pdf

Foundation Contact Information: Donations - Heidi Mahon at 716-852-8687 or e-mail at hmahon@eriebar.org, Confidential Assistance: Anne Noble at 852-8687 or e-mail at anoble@eriebar.org.