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Our 2019 Foundation Campaign is underway!

The Foundation exists to assistance lawyers and their families in times of crisis. The Foundation can step in when attorneys are facing illness, death, mental health issues, substance use disorder, or financial hardship.

But we can’t do it alone. We need your help. Let’s come together to help our colleagues in their time of need.

If you would like to make a donation to the Erie County Bar Foundation 2019 Campaign, you may fill out the form below to make the donation by credit card, or fill out a donation card and mail your payment.
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Thank you to our Foundation Campaign Committee and Campaign Chair, William Mattar, for all their hard work on this campaign!


Campaign Committee Members

Barbara O'Neill
Carla Cottrell
Alan Carrel
Christopher J. Grover
Dan Kohane
David Edmunds
David Pfalzgraf, Jr.
Dennis Bischof
Garry Graber
Helen Ferraro-Zaffram
James O'Keefe
Jeffrey M. Freedman
Mark Hamberger
Michael Perley
Michael Scinta
Nancy Saia
Nicholas Amigone
Nicole Graci
Pamela Thibodeau
Penny Selmonsky
Randy Mallaber
Rod Personius
Stephen L. Yonaty
William Mattar