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Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee

Bridget M. O'Connell
(716) 845-9487
Board Liaison: Jennifer L. Fay

Appellate Practice Committee
Timothy P. Murphy
(716) 853-9555
Board Liaison: James J. Nash

Banking Law Committee
Jeffrey M. Monaco
(716) 847-7073
Board Liaison: Paulette E. Ross

By-Laws Committee
George F. Bellows
(716) 843-3806

CLE Advisory Committee
Anna Marie Richmond
(716) 854-1100
Board Liaison: Christopher J. Belling

Commercial & Bankruptcy Law Committee
Angela Z. Miller
(716) 847-7060
Board Liaison: Melissa Hancock Nickson

Committee for the Disabled
Christopher Grover
(716) 856-7091
Board Liaison: Meghann N. Roehl

Committee on Eminent Domain
and Tax Certiorari
Mark R. McNamara
(716) 566-1536
Board Liaison: Michael F. Perley

Committee on Veterans’ &
Service-Members’ Legal Issues
Jeffrey E. Marion
(716) 565-2000
Board Liaison: Mario A. Giacobbe

Committee to Assist Lawyers with Depression
Daniel T. Lukasik
(716) 913-6309

Cooperation with the Accounting Profession & Taxation Committee
Stephen J. McCann, Jr.
(716) 239-4296
Board Liaison: Paulette E. Ross

Corporation Law Committee
Craig M. Fischer
(716) 848-1266 
Board Liaison: Hilary C. Banker

Criminal Law Committee
Michael Anthony Rossi
Nicholas Michael Rossi
(716) 854-5555
Board Liaison: Christopher J. Belling

Elder Law Committee
Edward C. Robinson
(716) 849-8900
Board Liaison: Hilary C. Banker

Environmental Law Committee
Richard E. Stanton
(716) 842-0550
Board Liaison: Michael F. Perley

Federal Practice Committee
Timothy J. Graber
(716) 856-4200
Board Liaison: James J. Nash

Health Care Law Committee
Frederick B. Cohen
(716) 310-3726
Board Liaison: Michelle Parker

Human Rights Committee
Sharon Nosenchuck
(716) 847-0650
Board Liaison: Jennifer L. Fay

Intellectual Property, Computer and

Entertainment Law Committee
Jordan Walbesser
(716) 848-1663
Board Liaison: Jennifer L. Fay

International Law Committee

Judges’ Committee
Hon. Deborah A. Chimes
(716) 845-7201
Board Liaison: Melissa Hancock Nickson

Judiciary Committee
Lynn D. Gates
(716) 852-1544 ext. 314
Board Liaison: Elizabeth M. Midgley

Justice Courts Committee
Michael H. Kooshoian
(716) 982-2474
Board Liaison: Mario A. Giacobbe

Labor Law Committee
Michael E. Hickey
(716) 416-7024
Board Liaison: Melinda G. Disare

Lawyer Referral & Information
Service Committee
Robert A. Fiordaliso
(716) 634-6111

Matrimonial and Family Law Committee
Michelle Schwach
(716) 881-3010
Elizabeth DiPirro
(716) 854-3400
Board Liaison: Susan S. Hogan

Minority Lawyers Outreach Committee
Stephanie J. Calhoun
(716) 816-3102

Municipal and School Law Committee
Scott R. Horton
(716) 508-7748
Board Liaison: Michelle Parker

Negligence Committee
Duane Schoonmaker
(716) 856-5800
Board Liaison: Jonathan S. Hickey

Practice and Procedure in Family
Court Committee
Yvonne Vertlieb
(716) 390-2055
Cheryl McFadden Zak
(716) 646-6441
Board Liaison: Susan S. Hogan

Professional Continuity Committee
Francis X. Carroll
(716) 362-0630

Professional Ethics Committee
Joseph V. McCarthy
(716) 852-0400
Board Liaison: Michael F. Perley

Real Property Law Committee
Nicole E. Hyziak
(716) 685-4636
Board Liaison: Mario A. Giacobbe

Regulatory Compliance Committee
Brad Davidzik and Lauren Breen
(716) 725-2859 
(716) 847-0650

Board Liaison: Hilary C. Banker

Solo and Small Firm Practice Committee
Dennis J. Bischof
(716) 630-6500
Board Liaison: Peter Matthew Kooshoian

Surrogate’s Court Committee
Victoria D'Angelo
(716) 858-3835
Board Liaison: Melissa Hancock Nickson

Unlawful Practice of Law Committee
Marc Shatkin
(716) 842-0550

Workers’ Compensation Committee
Thomas C. Burnham
(716) 849-1300
Board Liaison: Jonathan S. Hickey

Young Lawyers Committee
Katie M. Ireland and Aaron Aisen
(716) 932-5929
(716) 566-5483
Board Liaison: Elizabeth M. Midgley