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Executive Director

Anne M. Noble — anoble@eriebar.org
716-852-8687 (ext. 119)

Anne Noble serves as chief staff executive and works with the president in the development of new policies and programs as they are approved by the Board of Directors. She plans, organizes, directs and coordinates the programs and activities of the Association to insure that objectives are met and plans fulfilled. As the Association's administrative officer, she oversees staff and the day-to-day operation of the Association's offices.

Director of Communications

Bonnie D. O'Brian — obrian57@comcast.net
716-852-8687 (ext. 150)

Bonnie O'Brian serves as Editor of the Bulletin, the Bar Association's official monthly publication. She develops communications materials for both members and the general public. Media relations, advertising and public education programs are also among her areas of responsibility.


Susan L. Kohlbacher — skohlbacher@eriebar.org
716-852-8687 (ext. 120)

As Assistant Executive Director, Susan L. Kohlbacher assists the Executive Director in day-to-day operations of the office and provides staff support for the President and Board of Directors. She serves as the staff liaison to the Awards, Judiciary, Judicial Election Oversight, Professional Ethics and Young Lawyers Committees. In addition, Susan coordinates the BAEC's social events and special projects. She also serves as the Association’s photographer.


Heidi J. Mahon — hmahon@eriebar.org
716-852-8687 (ext. 114)

As Comptroller, Heidi J. Mahon maintains the financial records of the Association, the Erie Institute of Law and the Erie County Bar Foundation. Heidi is responsible for maintaining the membership database, overseeing the Foundation's annual fund-raising campaign, helping prepare the annual budget, assists accountants with the annual audit, and also manages the office computer network.

Director of Continuing Legal Education

Mary A. Kohlbacher — mkohlbacher@eriebar.org
716-852-8687 (ext. 115)

Mary A. Kohlbacher is the Director of Continuing Legal Education for the Erie Institute of Law and works with the CLE Advisory Committee to plan and implement educational programs for the legal profession. She is responsible for marketing and coordinating all programming. She also manages and maintains the Institute’s audio/video library and publishes the annual catalog of CLE programs.

CLE Assistant

Celeste Walsh - cwalsh@eriebar.org
716-852-8687 (ext. 118)

Celeste Walsh assists the CLE Department and General Office with administrative duties. She plans and implements the annual Leadership Institute program. Also, Celeste coordinates the Speakers Bureau and other law-related education seminars and special projects for the public.

Committee Coordinator and Receptionist

Alyssa Lauck - alauck@eriebar.org
716-852-8687 (ext. 110)

Alyssa Lauck is the Committee Coordinator and serves as the receptionist for the Association. In that capacity, she assists the committee chairs in arranging committee meetings, is responsible for all communications to committee members, and maintains all committee files.

Lawyer Referral and Information Service Administrator

Marcia M. McKowan — mmckowan@eriebar.org
716-852-8687 (ext. 113)

Marcia M. McKowan is the Administrator of the Lawyer Referral and Information Service and is responsible for the daily operation of the LRIS. She is also the staff liaison to the Lawyer Referral and Information Service Committee.

Lawyer Referral and Information Service Assistant

Elizabeth Davis - edavis@eriebar.org
716-852-8687 (ext. 131)

The LRIS Assistant assists in the operation of the Lawyer Referral and Information Service. Liz provides information and resources to members of the general public who are seeking answers to legal questions.  

Dispute Settlement Tribunal Assistant

Leslie Housh — lhoush@eriebar.org
716-852-8687 (ext. 116)

Leslie Housh is the Administrative Assistant for the Dispute Settlement Program. She assists in the operation of the Dispute Settlement Tribunal, which provides a forum for the resolution of fee disputes between attorneys and clients. She also provides staff support to the Committee on Grievances.